1. He Has-Track
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He Has

I’ve not always been faithful, but He has
I’ve not always been graceful, but He has
I’ve not always been true, but he’s always come through
He has, yes, He has

I tell Him I’m not strong, he says, I am
I say I can’t go on, He says, I can
I’ve not loved everyone, not always overcome
but He has, yes, He has.

He Has, been the greatest friend this world has ever known
He Has, paid the debt on Calvary all alone
He Has, given me a melody and song
He Has, yes, He Has

I can’t see what’s ahead, but, He Has
I can’t conquer death, but, He Has
When tempted to sin, I fail the test again, but He passed, He Has

Repeat Chorus

He has and He always will be and I don’t know why He loves you and me, Oh but

Repeat Chorus