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One night while on life's raging sea it looked as if I would suffer defeat
As the blackness of night closed off the light my heart sank with fear
My desperate cry rang out with fright; all I could see was no hope in sight
With faith all but gone I met the one who came looking for me

He came looking for me, He came looking for me
He made a way when there was no way that I could see
When I drifted so far Jesus was near to rescue my soul and calms all my fears
Now I'm safe from all harm since I met the one who came looking for me

Satan had already picked out my grave, his plan was to foil and put me away
I'd drifted so far, would anyone care that I'd soon be lost
I knew my destruction was a matter of time but Jesus appeared and said this one is mine
Now I'm safe with no harm for he walked through the storm
When he was looking for me