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I’ll Continue in the Things I’ve Heard

As a child I remember my old grandmother reading God’s word late at night.
And I can still hear my mothers voice pleading at an altar, praying that
I’d turn out right.
And the dear man of God, that loved my family, when no one else cared for my soul.
Well, some may proclaim that it’s not the same, I’ll continue in that things I’ve heard.


And I heard a virgin gave birth in a little town called Bethlehem,
He was the precious son of God,
I heard He died on a Cross and He was my sacrifice,through Him I can have eternal life.
Oh, I heard it from the word, the old King James Bible, it’s inspired, it’s alive, it’s preserved.
Though this world’s waxing worse, I’ll just stay in God’s word
And continue in the things I have heard.

Paul told Timothy that in the last days, perilous times are going to come.
And men will be lovers of this worlds pleasures, more than lovers of God.
But keep pressing onward, like a good soldier, though it’s hard just stay in the Word.
For men they may change, but God stays the same, just continue in the things you have heard.