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I’ll Soon Be Gone

VS 1
We’re living in perilous times, each day brings new distress
But God has told us in His word to pray and do our best
To keep our lamps all trimmed and bright, our wedding garments on
And something moving in my soul says child you’ll soon be gone.


I’ll soon be gone, from this old world below
To Heaven’s throne, eternal joys to know
So, without fear, I’ll wait to hear the angel’s trumpets tone.
And on that day, I’ll soar away, oh yes, I’ll soon by gone.

VS 2
Well, soon the crumbling works of man must all be counted lost
and those who build upon the sand must pay the awful cost
So why not kneel and pray today, the Spirit lead you on
And with the saved you too can say, oh yes, I’ll soon be gone